Why do I have to register if I already have/purchased a ticket?

Access requirements for visiting the trade fair are proof of the 3G rule (proof of being tested, vaccinated, recovered), contact data collection (used for traceability) and the FFP2 mask requirement which are part of the framework concept for trade fairs and exhibitions during the Corona pandemic.

Bavarian State Ministries of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and of Health and Care, June 11, 2021, Ref. 62-5750/182/11.

What do I need to register on the registration portal?

A link, which every ticket buyer has received from TICKETMASTER by mail (please also check your spam folder) and your own valid e-mail address.

A link is a ticket?

Yes, every ticket needs its own valid e-mail address, even children's tickets need their own valid e-mail address.

Register, how does it work?

The link from TICKETMASTER leads directly to the AMERICANA registration portal. Please register there according to the explanatory steps. After successful registration you will receive a confirmation, which you please have to bring printed to the fair, because this printout is valid as your admission document.

If you have bought several tickets for different persons?

If you have purchased multiple tickets you must click "Logout"after each registration before you can start another registration process.

For each purchased ticket you will find a link in the mail. Please perform the registration for each ticket by clicking on each link each time with a new valid e-mail address.

For each registered ticket, each person will receive a confirmation that must be printed out and brought to the show, as this printout will serve as your admission document.

What if one person has bought tickets for more than one person? How do they all register? Is it possible to forward the link codes by mail so that everyone can register?

Yes, please, because there are as many link codes in the mail as there are tickets purchased.
If you forward the mail, everyone can register themselves with their own email address and unlock their ticket.

This cannot be done by the "collective" buyer with his own e-mail address for all.

At the opportunity, of course, everyone can also upload their own 3G proof.

If a person has bought 1 evening ticket incl. day ticket and another day ticket. What must be done then?

If a person has bought 1 evening ticket incl. day ticket and another day ticket for the same person at TICKETMASTER, the person will receive 2 links from TICKETMASTER.

The registration process in this case goes like this:
1. the person registers for the 1st day of visit with a link and their own valid email address. For this registered ticket one receives a confirmation, which must be printed out and brought to the fair, because this printout is valid as admission document.
2. for the second day of the visit, the person cannot register online.
Instead, on the second day of the visit, the person goes to the clearing counter in front of the trade fair entrance with the purchased ticket and the 3G proof and receives an admission wristband after manual verification.

If one has bought / wants to buy a ticket from a private seller, how can one register online?

All ticket buyers who have bought their tickets regularly at TICKETMASTER will receive a mail with a registration link.

If you buy tickets from private, you will not receive this link, of course, because TICKETMASTER does not know about the private purchase. 

If you have bought tickets from private, you have to ask the private seller for this link. Without online registration, no access to the fair or the evening event is possible. 

Please make sure that the seller is serious i.e. try to check the seller, because there are always black sheep!

When you buy your ticket, do you need a digital vaccination certificate or is the yellow vaccination certificate enough?

Yes, if necessary, the yellow vaccination certificate/paper proof is also sufficient.

  • In the run-up to the event, you can ONLY use the digital document (e.g. QR code, CoronaWarn app, CovPass app) to activate yourself in the digital registration portal.

With the paper document there will inevitably be longer waiting times at the exhibition center, because here will be checked manually.

I meet one of the 3G rules (Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered). Do I still need to register?

Even if you meet one of the 3G rules (Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered), your contact information will be required before you can enter the fairgrounds.

Registration is compulsory when visiting trade fairs in Bavaria.

You can register either in advance of your visit to the trade fair via the registration portal or at the trade fair grounds, although there may be long waiting times as the process has to be carried out manually.

We recommend digital registration before your visit to the trade fair.

Are rapid antigen tests accepted for self-testing?


  • PCR tests (taken before a maximum of 48 h)
  • rapid antigen tests for professional use (taken before a maximum of 24 h e.g. in test centers, doctors' offices, pharmacies) are acceptable.

Mandatory testing applies to children 7 years of age and older. 

What do season ticket holders do if they can't provide 2G proof?

They need an up-to-date test every day.

  • PCR tests (taken before a maximum of 48 h)
  • rapid antigen tests for professional use (taken before a maximum of 24 h, e.g. in test centers, doctors' offices, pharmacies) are permitted.

Mandatory testing applies to children 7 years of age and older. 

Please come tested to the fairground to avoid long waiting times.

Get tested quickly - where else can that be done in Augsburg?
  • Corona Test Center at the Augsburg Trade Fair - Hall 3A
    University Quarter, Augsburg

    48°20'34.0 "N 10°53'32.4 "E

    Site plan

  • Quick test center Plärrergelände
    module complex of the Plärrerwache, Schwimmschulstraße 30, 86153 Augsburg)
    Monday to Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00 hrs
  • Quick test center Maximilianstraße 59
    (former rooms of the Leopold Mozart Conservatory
    Monday to Friday: 6:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    Saturday and holidays: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Schnelltestzentrum Haunstetten, Unterer Talweg 100
    (sports facility)
    Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Testing is free of charge. An appointment is not necessary. Anyone who would like to be tested can simply drop by - no appointment necessary.

The rapid test does not offer one hundred percent certainty. In the case of a positive test result, a PCR test performed immediately on site provides certainty.

Please come tested to AMERICANA to avoid long waiting times.


Do masks have to be worn on the entire AMERICANA grounds?

Medical masks are compulsory throughout the exhibition grounds, including the waiting area, except when eating and drinking at the table.

  • medical mask obligation indoors
  • In outdoor areas/ open-air area: obligation to wear an medical mask if the minimus distance cannot be maintained.

Children over the age of 7 must wear a medical mask.

Do I have to wear a medical mask during the evening shows?

Yes with medical mask, because it is obligation indoors.

Can I attend AMERICANA despite being exempt from wearing mouth-nose covering?

If you are exempt from wearing a mouth-nose covering, you may still visit AMERICANA, provided you can present a medical certificate (analog or digital) to that effect.

  • Please show your medical certificate at the clearing counter in front of the fair entrance.
  • You must wear a faceshield/face mask on the exhibition grounds.
How can I change the name in the registration portal if a person cannot come?

If an already registered person can not attend AMERICANA, but another person wants to take the place, then this person must also register.

Here you can find instructions
how to change the name in the registration portal

  • By registering, we ensure that the health department can quickly identify contacts in the event of a Corona infection. Your data will of course be deleted by us after the applicable deadline.

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