AMERICANA 2021 becomes Mekka of Reined Cow Horse again

Residenz Kubitzer Bodden powers ERCHA Nations Team Cup

Reined Cow Horse - this discipline is pure adrenaline and inseparable from AMERICANA. The first European Reined Cow Horse Association (ERCHA) Futurity took place here in Augsburg. The first ERCHA Nations Team Cup was also held here. Both have been regular features of AMERICANA ever since, attracting the best Reined Cow Horse riders of Europe to Augsburg. This year, as already reported, another premiere will be added: an ERCHA Derby. The finals of the ERCHA Futurity and the ERCHA Derby will be part of the Saturday evening show, while the ERCHA Nations Team Cup final will be held on Thursday evening. The idea of a Nations Cup in this discipline so excited Residenz Kubitzer Boden that the company spontaneously decided to sponsor the title. The event on Thursday evening is thus called Residenz Kubitzer Bodden Cow Horse Nations Team Cup.

The Residenz Kubitzer Bodden ( ) is located on the sunny island of Rugen in the vicinity of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park. The residence offers vacations for adults in a relaxing atmosphere and unspoiled nature. Not only people are pampered here, but also horses. If you want to bring your own horse, you are welcome to do so. For riders there are special vacation packages such as horse and fitness. For those who do not bring their own horse, the in-house Arabians are available.

Top sport and Europe's leading sales fair

But AMERICANA (Sept. 8-12, 2021) beckons with many more highlights. For participants, Europe's premier Western event already begins on September 5 with various go rounds. When AMERICANA opens its doors to visitors on September 8, the grand finals in cutting, reining, ranch riding and trail will be on the agenda in addition to cow horse. But AMERICANA is much more than just a horse show. The mega-event is also Europe's leading sales fair for western and leisure riding, with between 300 and 350 companies regularly taking part. At no other place, the Western lover finds such a comprehensive offer in things horse, rider and Lifestyle. And AMERICANA is also a unique information platform of the scene and THE meeting place for Western fans from all over the world.

Again four evening events - 'Stunts & Stars with Kenzie Dysli ' on Wednesday

In 2021 there will be four evening events again on AMERICANA. With "Stunts & Stars", the Wednesday evening event will introduce the fascinating world of horse training for the big performances in movies, television and shows. Another highlight of the midweek evening will be bridleless cutting, which was enthusiastically received by both riders and visitors at AMERICANA 2019.

Then, on Thursday evening, the ERCHA Residenz Kubitzer Bodden Cow Horse Nations Team Cup will take place, pitting the best Reined Cow Horse teams in Europe against each other.

As always, the coveted AMERICANA evening shows will take place on Friday and Saturday. The finals of the Open Reining Bronze Trophy will traditionally be held as part of the Friday evening show, as will the finals of the European Open Ranch Riding class, while the Saturday evening show, The Bonda Ranch Cutting & Cow Horse Night, will be devoted entirely to the cattle classes. It will feature the World Cup Cutting Open, the ERCHA Futurity and the ERCHA Derby. In addition, as always, a series of great shows will be offered.